Welcome to KaoticEvil's Lair

First of all, let me say this: If you're looking for logic, order, or some semblance of direction or organization, you best just go on to somewhere else. None of those things are going to be found here.

What you will find here is randomness. And lots of it. This is going to be my... Digital dumping ground. I can't even say what all will be here, because I simply don't know yet. Only time will tell.

And so, kick off your shoes, grab a beer, and settle in for the ride! It's sure to be an interesting one.

About Me

Why are you still reading this? There isn't much to tell, to be honest. I'm a computer geek, server and system admin, Whovian. A movie buff and a music junkie. I dabble in programming and web development

My server is up and running, so, there's that. Currently, it's got some web, ftp, and (local only) mail going. And also, recently added an IRC server to it.

Server Info

Probably the most important information on this page: About the server. At least part of it. The IRC section. Yup, we're running live, 24/7 IRC chat. Wanna join us? Come on in! It's still small, but login and hang out a bit. Just click right HERE. That is assuming you have IRC client already installed.

If you don't, I recommend either mIRC (Windows-only client), or HexChat which is an excellent free client for Windows or Linux. The server address is: irc.kaoticevil.com. Ports 5667 and 5697 (SSL). Services are fully functional, and there is an Eggdrop that I am slowly adding functionality to.

Of course, if you don't want to install a client, or just wanna check us out before you do, there is always web-chat. That's right. you can join the KAOSNet IRC chat in your broswer. Just click the link to the right that says "Live IRC Chat".

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